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Amazing company and tour guide
I had a 7 hour layover in Beijing and I was dying to see the Great Wall, even if just for a little while. I was in contact with Tony for over a month! He was so kind, honest, and patient with me and all of the questions that I had about the tour. I was nervous about not being able to make it back in time for my flight but he reassured me that the area he suggested I go to would get me back in more than enough time. He was right! The area that we went to was so beautiful and there were no other tourists. It was perfect for photos and just to enjoy it without all the fuss. My tour guide Michael was just as awesome. He brought me water and even a jacket since he was not sure if I had one or not. That jacket came in handy seeing as how it is very cold in December. I was overall extremely impressed with this tour. If you are wondering whether or not you should do your tour with this company, stop worrying and book it! They will treat you amazing.

—-Jennette Venturanza visited in December 2015

Worth the price and worth the time with this company
I had researched a number of companies as I was able to craft a 24 hour layover in my trip intinerary – I wish I had done 48 hours since the Chinese government gives travelers 72 hour visa. Regardless – I felt ver comfortable when I got off the plane and there was Tony waiting with my name on a sign. He was in short – FANTASTIC. We drove in a nice Buick to the Wall right away since I had arrived around 1 PM Beijing time. Tony paid for all tickets to the wall and to me seemed more than a tour guide…..but acted like a friend showing me around the town. After the Great Wall, Tony drove me to downtown Beijing – we walked through the town to the gate of the Forbidden City and saw Tiananmen Square. We went through an alley off the “beaten path” that was something right out of a movie with all kind of Chinese food and merchandise vendors….that was really cool. Tony took me to an authentic local noodle restaurant and bought me dinner. If I can figure out a way to ever get back to Beijing…..I am calling this company and requesting Tony again!

—-Chuck Simikian visited in November2015

Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City with superb, friendly guides
I had a 9 hour layover on what was my first trip to Beijing. Am extremely happy to have booked a private tour (was traveling alone) of Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City with Beijing Airport Layover Tours. The whole experience could not have been easier or any more enjoyable. Thank goodness I decided not to stay in the Beijing airport for nine hours! It can get cold inside the building and … it’s an airport.
Getting the 72 hour visa was a matter of filling out an arrival card and sharing my return ticket with a specially designated desk at immigration. There was no line so I had my visa in less than a minute and was on my way.
Instead, I was met at baggage claim by Tony. His English was perfect and very enjoyable to talk to / get a sense of the city. I arrived early in the morning so we hit rush hour and the drive to downtown took 90 minutes.
Tony dropped me off at the square where I was met door-side by Michael. Michael is a professional tour guide. Again, very pleasant, superb English and a knowledge of related history that I only scratched the surface of. Any question I had he knew the answer. He took me on a 2-3 hour walk through the Square and the Palace. He explained everything, helped me with tickets, shepherding me through a few security checkpoints. Nothing felt rushed and we toured at my pace.
As we exited the Palace, we walked a few blocks and Tony picked us up on the street and we returned to the airport. Tony never left the car so I left my backpack in the car.
Only advice is to grab some food if you can before the tour. I recall seeing only one food stand in the palace area, but I didn’t buy anything.
So, just an amazing experience. I will absolutely travel with them next time I have a layover in Beijing. In fact on a subsequent trip to the region I’ll try and book a trip that allows me to do a layover so I can see the Great Wall.
Michael and Tony, thanks again for a wonderful, albeit brief, introduction to your city!

—-Mark Fithian visited in November 2015

14hrs in Beijing…. why not
Me and my friend had a long layover in Beijing and wanted to see the great wall while we were there. However our layover was at night from 6PM to 9AM so we thought we wouldn’t be able to go let alone see anything and make it to our flight on time. But lucky enough for us Tony arranged everything he picked us up from the airport at 3AM drove us to a section and after hiking up for about 15 mins we reached the Wall but it was still pitched dark and we couldn’t see much but after about a half hour the sun started coming up and our view was spectacular. We got to see sunrise on the great wall which was pretty amazing. After everything was done he drove us back to our airport and we arrived by 7AM plenty of time for our flight.
Thanks a lot for Tony for making this happen.

—-Jesus Acevedo visited in October 2015

Private tour of the Great Wall with Tony on our layover
We had a 10 hour layover in Beijing while traveling to Thailand for our honeymoon. Finding Tony on Tripadvisor was a tremendously fortunate discovery.
From the initial email correspondence to the airport pick up the communication was clear, honest and prompt. Tony was very informative as a guide throughout our drive to the Great Wall as well as during our 2 hour climb/hike. I had done a little research on the sections of the wall that my wife and I would enjoy seeing. We wanted to avoid crowds and see sections of the wall that may not be completely in tact. Tony understood exactly what we wanted, while also considering the limited amount of time we had. His recommendation was to visit Huanghuacheng. It was perfect! He treated us like old friends and made sure we were comfortable the entire trip.
Given the fact that no public transportation is available to take tourists to the wall, this was certainly a justified travel expense.
On our return trip we felt brave enough to take the train to the Forbidden City on our own. This was slightly due to the fact that our first experience with Tony made us feel safe, comfortable and welcomed as guests in the extraordinary city of Beijing.

—-Travis Ahlswede visited in September 2015

airport customers

We had a very good time with Beijing airport transportation. Tour guide provide us more information on history and accompany with us all the way. Thank you for giving us a fantastic tour. We definitely introduce your service to our friends who will travel to Beijing. Thanks a lot.

—-Corey Coleman visited on Nov 9,2014

Our family visited Beijing on 10/25/14. Our boys wanted to walk on the Great Wall. As we planned our trip, I contacted several tour companies to see if they could fit us into a 4 hour window. Only Beijing Airport Layover Tours always responded promptly, addressed my multiple questions/concerns and assured us they could get us back to BCIA 2-hours before our flight. The organization and easy communication we had with Mr. Tony Liu was matched by the professionalism and knowledge of our tour guide, Shane. He shared a lot with us about Beijing, its history, its present and the Great Wall. He spoke very good English and kept us on track to ensure a timely departure for the airport.

It was a big help to us that we did an early tour. We were picked up at our hotel around 6:40am and arrived at the Wall right at 8:00am. Also, at first we were not going to take the cable car. In hindsight, I am glad we did. It allowed us to have about 30 extra minutes on the wall. The whole tour was perfectly timed, because the crowds were coming in as we were leaving (around 10:00am). Our only regret is that we could not also do a Forbidden City tour. If we ever come back we will definitely email Mr. Liu again!

—-Maik visited on Oct 25, 2014

Recently, it was our good fortune to experience an extraordinary and memorable Beijing Capitol Airport to Great Wall guided tour. Our travel itinerary included an early morning arrival and nine hour transit layover at Beijing airport. How could we best use this unplanned opportunity? Based on positive customer endorsements, we made arrangements for a guided tour with Beijing Travel Agency (BTA). It was convenient to secure our temporary, free, transit visa from China Immigrations upon arrival at the airport. At the appointed place and time, we met Mr. Tony Liu in the arrival hall. We were promptly ushered to a private, clean, late-model sedan and within minutes we were avoiding traffic and off to our tour on the storied Great Wall. There is either a choice of walking to the Great Wall from the parking garage or, after a short walk, taking a gondola or chair lift to the wall. On the occasion of my first visit to the Great Wall
walking was the only option. In the essence of time we took the chair lift to the wall and consequently were able to spend more quality time on the wall enjoying the magnificent panoramic vistas and our guide, Tony’s, excellent historical perspective. After more than sufficient picture taking opportunity between watch towers on the wall we returned to our car. As our morning tour was ending the overcrowded tour buses were beginning to arrive. After our wonderful crowd-free experience, we arrived back at the airport international departure hall with ample time for the simple immigration formalities. BTA’s professional and trustworthy tour services are highly commendable. Our gentlemanly guide was formally educated, spoke excellent English, and was an extremely knowledgeable and very congenial host. Although our interest was in visiting the Great Wall, BTA will arrange a Beijing guided tour itinerary tailored to the specific interests and time of the visitors. If your future travel plans include a transit layover at Beijing Capitol Airport, don’t miss the opportunity to add unexpected value to your travel experience. Call or write Tony Liu at Beijing Travel Agency. Like us, you will be delighted you did.

—-Jeff visited on Oct 16, 2014

airport customers

The trip was amazing! Simon was so knowledgeable and exciting guide. I would not have wished for a better tour of the Great Wall. My only complaint is that the lady on the toboggan in front of us went too slowly. Thanks for a great time.

—-Claudia visited on Sep 4,2014

airport customers

I used Beijing Airport Transportation for the Great Wall tour and found them to be very professional and courteous for the entire trip. A real wonderful experience and would us them again for my next trip to China.

—-David visited on Aug 29,2014

This tour was tops. Had a layover in Beijing for 7 hours and though other companies said it was not long enough, Beijing airport transportation tour company proved them wrong and accepted the challenge.
The wall is awesome! The tour guide was so friends and a champ (Michael), up there with the best things I have seen, and beats waiting in the airport.
Hell, Michael even lent me his phone to call my parents in Aus… FROM THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!

—-Brad from Aus visited on Aug 8, 2014

airport customers

I liked the trip to the Great wall. Tony was a good guide and safe driver. The Great Wall was so amazing to see with many nice views.

—-Jens visited on Aug 7, 2014

airport customers

The trip was so nice, highly recommended!

—-Hannah visited on Aug 5, 2014

A Good Layover Trip!
We visited the wall at Mutianyu with Beijing Airport Transportation Tours and our guide Alex was fabulous, very friendly and knowledgeable, and never rushed us. Our flight arrived on time and saw our tour guide with our names in his hands. The wall is fantastic, especially when you stop to consider the history behind it. It was not crowded at all and the vendors did not bother us in any way at all as others have mentioned. After the wall we went straight back to the airport. The tour was about 4 hours total and was a good layover trip in Beijing.

—-Eva & husband visited on July 12, 2014

Tiananmen Square is not originally planned in our itinerary but this company made our short time possible to see it. The security on the square was high and the people even gave us funny looks implying the silliness of foreigners touring the site. I still remember the images from the 90s and just found it hard to believe that we were there. The most interesting part was the fact that my friend and I had two separate Chinese couple insist on having pictures taken with us. Our guide explained that most visitors were from other parts of the country and don’t see Westerners. This tour was fantastic!

—-Anna.b.w visited on July 10, 2014

My colleague and I went to Beijing from Shanghai. Our great wall tour was organized by Beijing airport transportation. They replied me quick and very efficient. Thanks to our tour guide, Mr. Andy, he is superb, very friendly and helpful. It was extremely hot on the great wall but a lovely experience.

—-Natalie Heinsen/Visited on June 30, 2014

All people come to China should see the Great Wall to check how it was built and the size of it. Thanks for Beijing airport transportation Tour Company who made our short layover tour possible to see the Great wall, and thank our tour guide-Lily, very knowledgeable and polite, also great thanks for driving us to Nanyuan airport without extra money, highly recommended!

—-Nataša Šoštarić from Croatia/Visited on June 29, 2014

A Life Time Memory!
The Great Wall of China is a must see site in Beijing and one of the wonders on the earth. We had only 5 hours layover in Beijing, but Beijing Airport Tour Company made our dead hours in great use to see the great wall, thanks everyone, we will highly recommend your tours!

—-Natalie Heinsen/Visited on June 30, 2014

Kristen HowertonEasy, professional, and fun way to see the Great Wall on a layover
We had a great time on our 7-hours layover.I was worried it wouldn’t be enough time to get there and back but Shane made it possible. He was a professional and courteous and gave us a lot of good information. Everything went without a hitch – he was standing waiting for us with a sign when we left customs and quickly got us to his car. He spoke perfect English. We had enough time to walk part of the wall and then he took us to a great lunch place. I would definitely recommend this tour for anyone with a layover! Totally worth it.

—-Kristen Howerton/ Visited on June 23, 2014

michael & family on June 13,2014We had a fantastic experience on our tour! Yao proved to be a very adept & knowledgeable guide who not only educated us about the history of the great wall but also about the recent changes that Chinese society has undergone. He was able to accommodate the physical needs of all our family members, guiding less capable bodies along less taxing portions of the wall. Warm, friendly & always willing to answer questions, Yao gave us an ideal introduction to China.
Yao is extraordinary intelligent, very informative and amazingly caring. We would love to have been friends if we lived in China. We would recommend him highly.

—-Michael Givner and family/ Visited on June 13, 2014


My Husband and I were met my guide Alex at Beijing airport and take layover private tour to the Great Wall. We get well looked on the wall, and Alex was very prompt getting us back to the airport on time. What a wonderful experience! I would highly recommend this layover tour to anyone. Thanks so much Alex and Tony.

—-Walter & Alison / Visited on June 11th, 2014


A great experience!!
I was so luck that the weather is so clear, I can see very far on the Great Wall. And the tour arrangement is very reasonable operated by Beijing airport transportation. Good travel! Funny and interesting! Thanks!!

—-Francisco Perez Valencia / Visited on June 8th, 2014


I very much enjoyed the tour!
Shane is very friendly and fluent in English. He is also very knowledgeable about the history of the wall. All of this make for a very unforgettable visit of China Great Wall.
The driver was safe and the ride comfortable. I was very impressed with the whole experience with Beijing airport transportation. Thanks!

—-Roy Montalvo / Visited on June 6 2014

airport customers_15

What a fantastic day!
Shane took us to the great wall and Summer Palace.
The day exceeded our expectations. Shane was so helpful and patients while we climbed the wall and took picture all the way, what an amazing day!
The wall was an experience we will never forget and always thank of what a perfect day it was. Thanks to Shane and Beijing Airport Transportation

—-Joanne Cancilla / visited on June 2 2014

airport customers_15

Beijing Package Tour
Our guide moved at a good pace, was sensitive to our family needs. He was very knowledge, interesting and friendly. His English is very good and explained Chinese characters and customs well to us. We were impressive and would recommend him to friends. Many thanks.

—-Derren Selvarajah / Visited from May 31-June 5 2014

airport customers

Tour was very informative and fun. An excellent use of time in Beijing. Guide was fluent in English and used all the tour time effectively. An excellent way to spend a morning layover. Would definitely recommend to others!

—-Andrew Evans/visited on May 29, 2014

airport customers_13

The fabulous great wall wall telling us dozens of stories of how ancient Chinese defend their homeland, and how hard the labors work at that time. If you are in Beijing or going there, you can’t miss it!

—-John Cawley /England/visited in May 2014

airport customers_09

Definitely a must visit spot. Thanks Beijing Airport Transportation Team, you made our layover trip to the great wall possible. Great wall of china. an impressive trip and architecture. It is a must go place in china. do not miss it. Well recommended

—-Dave and Dawn Rentmeester.Green Bay,Wisconsin/visited in May 2014

airport customers_08

We had an amazing experience with our Beijing airport transportation tour to The Great Wall. We had a layover on the way back from Thailand and only had a few hours to tour! Our guide was on time, professional and gave us a lot of information about China and The Great Wall since it was our first trip there!

—-Jaclyn D from Germany/ visited in April 2014

Nick and Kim

Beijing airport layover tour of the Great Wall
Our guide, Michael, made our tour what it was – an excellent, entertaining, and educational 6 hour tour. Michael is a wealth of knowledge, and speaks fluent English. Most of all, I appreciated his open commentary about life in China over the past 30 years – an eye-opener, for sure! I can absolutely recommend Beijing Airport Transportation for layover tours from PEK.

—-Nick and Kim/visited in March 2014

airport customers_01

Thanks god, our flight arrives earlier than scheduled! This is one place that no one should even consider missing. The climb can be a little difficult but worth while. Stop at the small watch towers, the figures are wonderful.

—-Liza & Sanet scott/visited in March 2014

airport customers_06Very pleased with the service we received from this tour company. They arranged this short tour for us and also a transfer back to the airport. The tours were very good and our guide, Michael, spoke good English, was courteous and very informative.
From the time of our initial inquiry, the company was extremely helpful, answering queries very promptly: an excellent service.

—-Colin A Somers .Visited in March 2014

airport customers_10

We took a one day flight to Xian to see terracotta warriors from Beijing. The tour included flights and transfers and meals and entry tickets and guides , in fact everything. We checked into booking flights and transfers ourselves and stopped at the point since we were already at the price of this inclusive tour. The organisation was excellent and everything listed was delivered on time and well. V happy.

—-Angela & family, UK/visited in March 2014

airport customers_04We arrived into Beijing at 12:30pm and spent the night at an airport hotel before heading into the city the next day. Rather than waste the afternoon we decided to try to squeeze in a visit to the Great Wall at Mutianyu. I’d read that the Great Wall was a good “layover” trip from the airport, and indeed it is ideal for someone with a long-ish layover but it also good for shaving some time off the trip to and from the Great Wall (it would take at least another hour or so if leaving from a hotel in the city). We got our bags and made it through customs fairly quickly and ended up at the great Wall by 3:00 – not time for a soul-changing hike but plenty of time for us, including a cable car up to the Wall and a toboggan slide back down, which was surprisingly fun.
Gary and Beijing Airport Transportation tour company lived up to their reputation. They replied to our emails almost immediately and everything was just as promised – the driver was at the airport to meet us, watched our bags and then dropped us off at the hotel – and reasonably priced.
Seeing the Great Wall from the airport on our arrival day turned out to be a great decision and freed up a day for other sites. Please note that if our plane had been late or there had been other delays the decision might not have seemed so smart… Our plane arrived at 12:30 and the Great Wall closed at 5:00 pm. We were lucky and that window of time was perfect, but it would be best to allow yourself more time if possible – certainly no less.
It is always great when a tour company does what it promises (airport pickup, bags stored safely, no surprise trips to souvenir shops, etc.) and we highly recommend Beijing Airport Transportation tours.

—-Sally & Jenny /Visited in Feb 2014

airport customers_12

An adventure
The great wall is amazing and there are so many different parts to it and it looks different in all the seasons. Great time, great photos, worth that once in a lifetime trip.

—-DT family/visited in Feb 2014

airport customers_05

In one word “Fabulous”
Visited the Mutianyu section of the great wall ! Much less crowded (we were the only tourist at some parts), just as beautiful as the other parts, and if you decide to have a longer walk, you end up at parts of the wall in their original state, not fixed, and still with trees growing on it at some parts… But we have to catch our connect flight in early afternoon. Will make longer next time:-)

—-Alvin Gonzalez Puerto Rico/visited in Jan 2014

airport customers_07

We have just came back from holiday, one of the highlights was two day trip in Beijing. Day one was a trip to forbidden city and summer palace the tour was excellent, we had a great guide called Andy who was very helpfull and knowledgable about what we was seeing. Day two was the amazing Great Wall which lived up to everything I thought it would be, once again we had a tour guide who was brilliant. Highly recommend this company well worth booking with excellent service and nothing seems to much trouble for them.

—-Arnold and Sarah Charlotte, USA/visited in Jan 2014

airport customers_15

breathtaking view! beautiful, an absolute Must for anyone visiting. Absolutely made our short stay complete.

—-Benjamin. France/visited in Jan 2014